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Octane, The Motor God
Octane, The Motor God

(Images by me and :iconFortis-Ferus: )
Height: 30 foot 0 inches.
Weight: 10 Tonnes.
Age: N/A.
Strength: Immeasurable.
Speed: Ludicrous.
Resilience: Indestructible.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Fighting Style: Origin Eiyū Sokudo no Ken.
Physical: Monstrous frame. Bulging muscles fit for a god. 
Outfit: Custom built motor knight helmet; with antennae, retro police light, two chequered flags, supercharger intakes, two exhaust pipe trios, M shaped cam belting, V shaped eye gap, two tall antennae with red balls on the ends. Large, low fronted steel bevor. Two large double shoulderguards made of steel with gold trims; rings of spikes circling huge dagger blades protruding from the centres, torn up red fabric draped on the front and back from the under
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 1
Captain Dragon
Captain Dragon

(Image by :iconFortis-Ferus: )
Height: 6 foot 2 inches.
Weight: 125kg.
Age: 27.
Strength: S.
Speed: S+++.
Resilience: A.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Fighting Style: Eiyū Sokudo no Ken (Heroic Velocity Fist).
Physical: Lean muscular build.
Outfit: A 3/4 racing helmet that resembles a dragon head, plated with gold, with a black visor that crosses the eyeline. Red racing overalls with a blue dragon on the back and blue flame stripes on the legs and chest. Brown leather belt with iron buckles. Brown leather boots with iron rings and heel plate. Blue racing glove with added metal plating over the knuckles.
Equipment: Various vehicles befitting of a man so speed oriented.
Other: N/A.
Other Info:
Parents: Captain Dragon (Former) - Father, Deceased.
Children: None.
Other Family: Octane, The Motor
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 0 0
Jojaro by Catman-232 Jojaro :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 0 0
Serpent Kill
Serpent Kill
Without helmet:


(Images by :iconfortis-ferus: )
Height: 6 foot 5 inches.
Weight: 140kg.
Age: 31.
Strength: S+.
Speed: B.
Resilience: S++.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Fighting Style: Sabaku Sasoriken (Fist of the Desert Scorpion).
Physical: Top-tier muscle bulk, macho jawline and cheekbones. Platinum blonde flat top hairdo (Under his snake helm). Blind, but his eyes are still open with two large vertical scars across them both. His eyes are pure white, without irises. Very light skin tone. Looks angry almost all the time with a persistent exaggerated scowl.
Outfit: Sand snake head shaped helmet with sharpened metal fangs, the back end drapes halfway down his back. Huge sand snakeskin covered shoulderguards. Black wrestler briefs. Huge
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0
Jet Jensen
Jet Jensen

(Image by :iconfortis-ferus: )
Height: 5 foot 9 inches.
Weight: 64kg.
Age: 29.
Strength: A.
Speed: A.
Resilience: A.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Fighting Style: Jensen Wing Chun, Kung Fu.
Physical: Above average muscle bulk. Masculine jawline and cheekbones. Cantonese symbol for fight (鬥) tattooed on right hand. Common Asian tan. 5 'o clock shadow. Black Mel Gibson-esque mullet.
Outfit: Plain white short sleeved shirt. Black and grey pinstripe waistcoat and trousers. Thin chrome framed mirrored aviators. Black leather slip-on shoes. Green silk scarf tied around neck and draped under waistcoat. Green china bangle around left wrist. Dark green leather belt with silver non-decorative buckle.
Equipment: Basic nunchaku with green tips.
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0
Octane, The Motor God by Catman-232 Octane, The Motor God :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 2 0 RELESE ME I COMMAN YOU by Catman-232 RELESE ME I COMMAN YOU :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 3 2 Jonathan Joe Hench by Catman-232 Jonathan Joe Hench :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0 Pain Train V8 Supercharged Premium Edition by Catman-232 Pain Train V8 Supercharged Premium Edition :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0 Rockstar Darius by Catman-232 Rockstar Darius :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0 More Exhausts = More power by Catman-232 More Exhausts = More power :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0

(Image by :iconsaucygoblin: )
Height: 6 foot 4 inches.
Weight: 84kg.
Age: 19.
Strength: B.
Speed: S++.
Resilience: C.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Fighting Style: Drunken Fist style deception over power, uses his claws to cut enemies to pieces. Always lets the opponent get the first hit in (if he deems the opponent too strong, then he will dodge the incoming blow). Beast is self-taught and mockingly named his fighting style 'Punch-Drunk'. Will always run away if a fight isn't going in his favour.
Physical: Tall and Muscular, although not bulky. His hair is a holy fusion of a Pompadour and Mohawk. Beast has animalistic features, but is mostly human in appearance, however he has lupine ears, small protruding tusks, a shortened nose and darkened sclera with bright amber irises. He has sharp claw-like nails that can easily cut flesh. He has a faded Orange skin to
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 2 1
Catman's Bio Mk4 - Supreme Ultimate Best Edition
Good Sir Knight Catmanius James Fast Manius CXXII (122nd) or Catman for short.

(Images by :iconSaucyGoblin: and :iconfortis-ferus: )
Height: 6 foot 2 inches.
Weight: 130kg.
Age: 25.
Strength: S+.
Speed: S+.
Resilience: S+.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Fighting Style: Sabaku Nekoken.
Physical: Macho and very muscular build. Square jaw and wide grin with light stubble. Hidden under his helmet is a two metre tall pompadour that fades from red to orange to yellow, from roots to tips. His chest is exposed since he doesn't wear an undershirt.
Outfit: - A unique 3/4 head racing helmet with cat-like ears on top and an opaque red visor that covers just the eye line, modified with cast titanium spikes along the top cen
:iconcatman-232:Catman-232 3 1
Catman MK7 by SaucyGoblin by Catman-232 Catman MK7 by SaucyGoblin :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 3 Premium Best by Catman-232 Premium Best :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 1 0 The faces of maximum face by Catman-232 The faces of maximum face :iconcatman-232:Catman-232 0 0
Yare yare daze~

I was tagged completely off-guard by :iconfortis-ferus: who has some cool Kenshiro and other manly men arts. I also found out because of this that you are in fact a girl, and that is cool.

1. Post ALL the rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves!
3. Choose 13 peeps and questions Tag as many people as you can find to tag, or don't.
4. Can't say you don't do tags.
5. Tagging me is allowed but don't expect me to like you for it.
6. You must do an Journal entry! You don't have to do shit.
8. Be creative! Do not say you're tagged in the title! You can in the description!

Questions given to me:

1. What's your nickname? (not your DA name) If you don't have one, what would you like it to be?
My nickname actually is Catman. The only other nickname I've ever had is the one my dad gave me: "Jameser".

2. Favourite thing/subject to draw/paint?
Question kinda passes off writing as not art, but meh. Obviously the best thing to do in any artform is explosions.

3. Favourite anime/movie, or both, and a little short explanation why.
Movie... Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is what I generally say since it defines my favourite form of 'punk' style. Anime? Well it can't be anything but Fist of the North Star right? BONUS: Anime Movie, yeah that's right, anime movie. Redline. Because cars driving at supersonic speeds is just as necessary as worshipping manliness.

4. What instrument(s) do you play? Or what instrument(s) would you like to learn to play and what would be the first song you tackle?
When I was much younger I had an acoustic guitar and I was doing lessons for a long time through multiple runs, but ultimately I quit because I was never bought the electric guitar I wanted. Even when my lessons had started to become electric guitar techniques...

5. Favourite food, and maybe when first introduced to you?
Milkshake, that counts right? No idea when the earliest milkshake was. I've had milkshake at McDonalds every time I've been there as long as I can even remember...

6. If I gave you a metabolic workout to do for 45 minutes would you do it? (abs, shoulders, arms, single joint, squats, pushes, pulls, hip extensions, TRX band stuff...etc)
I wouldn't make it. I'd like to say I could. And in fact it may give me an excuse to break myself, so I might do it anyway.

7. What do you think of those rugby Haka things?...YouTube it...
A bit cringey. It's only Rugby after all.

8. Who's an OC that you're thinking about, but can never really draw because they're soooo awesome or you're too busy? Describe them a little.
Way too many of them. 

9. What would you do if you lived in the Post-Apocalyptic age of Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star?
Be shocked. Also drive fast cars. Also also you wa shock.

10. What would you do if Raoh knocked on your door selling girl scout cookies?
Buy all his cookies. Then join his group.

11. When you watch intense anime (like /FOTNS or Death Parade) do you also watch alongside...a comedy or funny anime (Like Tiger and Bunny or Toriko) to lighten your mood a bit? If so, what ones?
I think JoJo counts as both. With regards to the second half though, no not really, I don't like much of anything other than what I already watch or have seen.

12. What are you allergic to? If nothing, what would be the worst allergy?
No idea. The worst allergy would be air.

13. Do you think Caius Ballad from FFXIII-2 is the only man who could pull of his purple hair and eyes, if he were real?
I had no idea who this person was. I searched him up and now I am deleting my search history, cache and uninstalling Chrome entirely. Why is every Final Fantasy character like this? Why is a question about this kind of character at the end of a set of questions by someone who is obsessed with Kenshiro? I TRUSTED YOU!

Now I tag people who can proceed to ignore this forever if they so choose.
:iconfortis-ferus: KONO DIO DA!

And now these are my questions:

1. What is stronger: Ambition or Love?
2. Would being able to stop time for a short period benefit your daily life?
3. What is the highest speed (In MPH) you would be comfortable with driving at?
4. What is the best hairstyle and why is it Pompadours?
5. If you were given a handshake by Kenshiro, would you be capable of not exploding?
6. If you had a stand, what would it's ability be and what would it look like?
7. What is your signature pose/stance? (Pictures are allowed for this question)
8. What would someone have to do to impress you enough that you'd immediately accept them as your partner on the spot?
9. Who is your favourite parent, and why?
10. Who is the best character in Smash Bros?
11. Is One Punch Man truly the strongest in the universe?
12. What is your theme song?
13. If you were a driver, what number would you use on your vehicle?


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Catman is probably a cross between a Cat and a Human. He is 100% Cat, 100% Man and 1000% power.

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